You’re About To Hire An Architect – Here’s What You Need To Know

We expect a lot from an architect when we work with them. We expect that somehow our home will grace the pages of a design magazine and be the epitome of form meeting function with elegance and charm

If you choose well when looking to work with a professional skilled with home architecture overland park ks, that could be your reality. (No promises on the magazine cover, though.)

Architects should know more about your project than you do. They should know materials, old and new. They should be aware of cost and the sort of issues that you will face. They may also be a conduit to a host of great contractors who you would never have found and who all work well together.

They should be able to steer you with a level of steely-eyed practicality too. If the plans you have are beyond reality, your architect should tell you, and up-front too.

Drafting Plans

Clearly this is one job the architect will do. But your architect will also know the local building requirements. Know how to design so that any approvals that are necessary will be easy.

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You’re basically paying for the architect’s knowledge and know-how. Make sure when you start the project that both of you are clear how they are going to help. If their job is to draw approval-happy plans and leave, don’t expect them to manage the project. If their job is to be there every step of the way, then that’s where they need to be.

Check in with someone else

You will have a contract and an estimate and other contractual documentation. But there’s nothing better than seeing some of their work to give you peace of mind. Make sure to ask.